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Today was a tough day for me, and I was feeling tired and worried before coming to work. However, before I arrived at my office, I decided to pray the Rosary in my secret place under Cross Mountain. I called it my olive tree garden.


As I prayed with tears streaming down my face, I looked up at the sky and asked Jesus to feel his presence, and I asked Mother Mary for peace in my heart. I kneeled on the stones and asked for a sign so that I could feel comforted and not alone.


After finishing my Rosary, I went to my office in Medjugorje. Throughout the day, everything went well, and two pilgrims later came to visit. They were from Wisconsin, and we talked about my experience visiting there at the invitation of my friend, Therese.


As it was time to close the office, the two pilgrims called me to meet their priest. I was honored and asked him to pray over me. During the prayer, I suddenly felt a sense of peace and enormous love that went through my body, and I felt consoled. He prayed for the exact things I had asked Mary and Jesus for in my olive garden.


Tears streamed down my face, and I hugged him with gratitude. Later, I found out his name was Father Rick Wendell and I searched for him on YouTube. I listened to his broadcast, and the last sentence remained in my mind: "God loves you! He just needs you to love him back."


I thank you, Father, in heaven, for answering my prayers and for the signs that showed me You are here with me!

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