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Medjugorje Orientation Tour

Tour Details

Highly recommended spiritual guidance by a local guide introducing you all from the start of the Apparition, what Mother Mary teaches us in Her messages and who will introduce you to the most important sites in Medjugorje.


 After an orientation tour of St. James and its surroundings, your guide will also accompany you throughout

the day as you follow the path up Apparition Hill where the young visionaries first encountered Our Lady. Contemplate as you climb the inspired artistry of the bronze plaques depicting each mystery of the rosary.

Touch and pray before the cross, which commemorates the spot where Mary appeared to the visionaries.


These are the places you will see with your local guide on your guided tour:

The Church of St. James is the symbol and the heart of the Parish of Medjugorje. This world-known, two-tower church, was under construction from 1934 to 1969.

Candle park area - Light a candle 
Here people light candles for their loved ones who have passed away, but also for the numerous intentions they bring to Medjugorje. They leave their burdens, hopes, and prayers at the feet of the Crucified Jesus. The area is nicely decorated and convenient for silent prayer and meditations.

Via Domini (the Way of the Lord) 
Is a pathway with 5 beautiful mosaics that represent the Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary. After contemplating the public life of Jesus, you will come to the end of the path where the Statue of the Risen Savior is located. 

Local cemetery Kovacica - Visit the tomb of Fr. Slavko
A local cemetery in Medjugorje is a place where you can find not only local people praying, bringing flowers, and lighting candles, but also many pilgrims. 

Blue Cross - Spend some time in reflections and meditations at the Blue Cross
The Blue Cross is a special place at the base of Apparition Hill where Our Lady appeared to the children when they were hiding from the Communist police. It is here that Our Lady still appears to the visionary Mirjana at her monthly apparition (every 2nd of the month).

Apparition Hill - The Hill of Podbrdo is the place where the Medjugorje events started. It is on this hill that Our Lady first appeared to six children back in 1981. After that, millions of pilgrims, in a special way, have encountered Our Lady climbing this hill. 

Prsa wrote a review July 2019

Private Personalized Tours to Medjugorje

We were picked up at our hotel in Dubrovnik by a private driver then off to Medjugorje. We were able to attend English mass before meeting with our guide that toured us around the area showing us why millions of visitors come to Medjugorje. Neda then brought us to Apparition Hill where we climbed together making several stops to pray the Rosary. She recognized our hesitation to make the climb having knee issues & high temperatures that day. Neda provided a cane, a steady arm as well as encouragement & support. We are so thankful that she was our guide, that we made the climb & experienced the blessings of Our Lady, Queen of Peace. Believe.

Private Tour in various languages

✔️ English

✔️ Español
✔️ Italiano
✔️ Deutsch
✔️ Français

Visit Apparition Hill and Blue Cross 
✔️ Orientation tour around Saint James church
✔️ Medjugorje map 
✔️ Smile

Not included
❌ Lunch
❌ Drinks
❌ Gratuities 

We highly recommend spiritual and historical guidance by a local professional guide in various languages who will introduce you to the most important sites in Medjugorje and update you with happenings at our Shrine of Peace.

From Medjugorje






Pets allowed


Hotel pickup offeread


3 hours (Approx.)

Please Contact Us for more information regarding the tour / hotel, or to begin customizing your own itinerary.

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