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Beautiful breathtaking 6 stages on the route
Camino route Dubrovnik to Medjugorje

The charming Dubrovnik - Medjugorje Camino, comprising six delightful stages stretching across 147 kilometers - 91 miles, is all set to enchant travelers by May 2024. Starting from the enchanting St. Jakov Monastery in Dubrovnik, a gem established back in 1222, this journey promises to guide pilgrims and curious adventurers on a heartwarming six-day expedition to the picturesque St. Jakov Church in Međugorje. Originally constructed in 1897, the Međugorje church has been lovingly restored and consecrated in 1969.

What adds to the charm is the collaborative spirit fostered by the City of Dubrovnik, joining hands with the municipalities of Dubrovnik Coast, Ravno, Neum, Čitluk, and the town of Čapljina to support this beautiful endeavor.

Recently, this scenic route, the Dubrovnik - Međugorje Camino, received a warm reception in the European Parliament and Brussels, showcasing Croatia's rich Camino heritage, successful practices, and remarkable achievements under the Camino Croatia initiative. Camino Hrvatska is an integral part of the European St. Jakov network, endorsed by UNESCO and the Council of Europe, beckoning pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela and attracting over 1.5 million enthusiastic walkers annually across Europe.

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