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Keep flying towards what is holy and shall find peace and joy.

Welcome to Medjugorje!

Saint James church Medjugorje

Saint James church, Medjugorje

Resuraction Christ (4).jpg

Resurrection Christ Statue

medjugorje Mother Mary statue

Mother Mary statue in front the church

Medjugorje Confessionals

Medjugorje Confessionals

Exterior Altar Medjugorje

Exterior Altar

Saint Leopold statue Medjugorje

Saint Leopold statue 

Saint John paul II Yellow hall Medjugorje

Saint John Paul II Yellow hall 

Medjugorje prayer area

Prayer and candle light area

Mosaik Medjugorje (2).jpg

Mozaik Jesus life station

Apparition Hill at Night.jpg

Apparition Hill 

Blue Cross (1).jpg

Blue Cross

Apparition hill (9).jpg

Jesus on the Cross at Apparition HIll


Cross Mountain

Adoration chapel.jpg

Adoration Chapel 

Father Slavko memorial stone on the Cross Mountain.jpg

Father Slavko memorial stone at Cross Mountain

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